A Play by Linnea Rose

Lights up on a small town. Lights down on a small town. Lights up on LOUISE standing center. She speaks.


This is home. There is a house. There is a tree. There is a branch from where a tire swing hangs down from. The swing is just the right size for my sister and I to take turns swinging from.

Two characters enter and start playing on the tire swing US. They are younger than LOUISE.

The rope on the tire swing was thick. Dad had tied it tight in a ships knot so we wouldn’t fall. He learned that in the navy. Captain Anderson of the United States Navy. We were his little angels.

A silhouetted figure appears. This figure hugs the girls. The figure leaves the stage.

He was away when Sally had her accident. She fell.. (One character leaves the stage.) The rope came undone. He never came home. He never forgave himself. We were never the same.



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