A Play by Linnea Rose

X is looking out a window, almost staring off in the distance.


Breathe it in the life the goodness

The purity–

Stay free. The Freedom.

X picks up a roll of cling film. They begin to unravel and put it on the window, securing it. Obscure pieces.

The light the light that emerges from the perfect sphere–is it perfect?

The red giant in the atmosphere warms said atmosphere so one can breathe.

Breathe it in the life the goodness

The most massive mass of mass in the galaxy brings life to organisms.

Let them grow.

X takes cardboard of all different shapes and sizes and starts binding it to the window.\

The growth the life outside.

Gasping for breath when night falls. Gasping for light when night falls.

To bring you out of a funk–to open the mind to a whole world of love and opportunity. When the sun comes out everything changes–There is no Evil, There is no Trauma.

Life is reborn from death and darkness. Hope emerges. In the emergence comes excitement a promise for the future.

X is now in complete darkness.

Sun comes in gives us your warmth and praise-

Teach us to be strong and keep us from darkness-

The sun’s departure our warning of the arrival of the cold night air

This is the time to sleep. To rest until the new day’s sun dawns.



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