A Play by Linnea Rose

Lights up on a moving subway train car. Two people are trying to find a comfortable spot to sit or stand. MAN/WOMAN #1 and MAN/WOMAN #2 are standing up and MAN/WOMAN #3 is sitting DRC


(To MAN/WOMAN #2) Ooo! Let’s go!


We can’t!


Ugh. Why not?

(MAN/WOMAN #3 is sitting in the spot where they pointed)


(Pointing to a spot further down) Let’s go!

The two make their way slowly but surely to the spot URC. As they are struggling to make it through the crowd of people, MAN/WOMAN #3 crosses briskly to the spot URC and puts chair down facing the DRC and sits.


We can’t.

The train comes to a screeching halt. A giant crowd leaves the train, pushing and shoving through the both of them. MAN/WOMAN #3 crosses URC with chair and stands pantomiming holding the hanging handle/bar.


Let’s go! (Pointing at all of the new open seats. A new crowd enters as MAN/WOMAN #1 and MAN/WOMAN #2 try to maneuver their way URC through the sea of city-folk. They try to get around MAN/WOMAN # 3 who is holding a big bag.) Ugh. We can’t.

The train comes to an abrupt halt and MAN/WOMAN #1 loses their balance and bumps into MAN/WOMAN #3 and creates a domino effect and they both topple over. The two stand up brush themselves off. MAN/WOMAN #3 gives MAN/WOMAN #1 an annoyed look, scoffs and turns the opposite direction and exits the subway car URC. 


Let’s go! (Helping MAN/WOMAN #1 up from the ground as the crowd enters the car.)


We can’t. (Motioning to the crowd. MAN/WOMAN #3 re-enters as a different character. Two seats open up and MAN/WOMAN #1 and MAN/WOMAN #2 run to the seats as MAN/WOMAN #3 is walking towards them and completely cuts them off. They both cross their legs and smile proudly. Just as they get settled their stop comes up. The train stops.)


Let’s go!

(They exit.)










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